Update: I just released askQL, a prototype that demonstrates querying SQL database with plain English. Powered by GPT.
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About Me

I am a software engineer from Ibadan, Nigeria. I specialize in building demonically fast, high-performance server-side applications that harness modern technologies to lay the foundations for innovative products with delightful user experiences.

I started my journey back in 2018 selling my apps at the university hostel literally going from room to room. I have since then built software for engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the Government.

In early 2022, I helped solve the Delta State Government's multi billion Naira tax revenue dispute by building a reconciliation software that helped identify faulty transactions across hundreds of thousands of bank records. My software out performed the Government's multi-billlion Naira software by at least 1000%. The impact? It saved people from going to jail.

I now help others solve similar critical problems by building (or guilding them on building) high quality mission-critical software (although I focus on the backend and infrastructure side of things). On the side, I am researching new ways to represent, discover and store knowledge. I have been working on Mock0, a software production initiative and other interesting projects. I will be making some announcements very soon. Stay tunned if you are curious😉.

I am interested in being a part of something challenging. I am most interested in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. If you have any (an idea or an opening at your company), the best way to reach me is through email: [email protected]